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About Us

Who we are

Mondial Wine is a longstanding, successful, financially secure and independent UK company as a result of the absolute commitment & integrity from its owner.
We proudly represent all the twenty regions of Italy with more than one hundred prestigious and boutique wineries traditionally rooted in their territory. We currently list over 700 labels; among them we also offer a selection of vegan, organic and natural wines.
Central to Mondial’s ethos is to share the enormous potential and excellence of Italian wines. With over 200 grape varieties in our portfolio, we focus on the extraordinary number of autochthonous varietals by only selecting and offering the very best quality wines.
We regularly host private events and tastings for our clients to promote our wines and we are also leading exhibitor at all of the most important trade fairs and events.
We mainly supply the HORECA channel in the whole of the UK with our independent logistics platform.
The sales force includes a mix of experienced Italian & Anglo Italian professionals, all well respected in the trade, supported by a fully integrated sales office. Our sales office takes a proactive role in taking orders, stimulating sales, advising on our products and services & providing first class customer service.
We provide an excellent, unbeatable next day Monday to Saturday free delivery service to our customers with a no minimum order policy.

Where we come from

In 1985 the Dogliani family acquired Hedges & Butler, which was one of the oldest wine merchants in England, established in 1667 during the reign of Charles II by Edmund Harris, on the Strand in London propelling it into the future with the name of Mondial Wine.

The company initially operated as a grocery business, but soon expanded into a magnificent emporium that sold fine wines, spirits, liqueurs, condiments, and Russian Caviar. Hedges & Butler was owned continuously by family members, and in 1819 William Hedges relocated the company to Regent Street. 

On 19th July 1821, Hedges & Butler supplied champagne, port and fine wines for the Coronation dinner and banquet of King George IV.The company's first major development occurred when when it was granted a Royal Warrant by King William IV in 1830. Since then, Hedges & Butler was an official supplier to successive monarchs, both British and foreign, including Queen Victoria, the King and Queen of Spain, Edward VII, the Emporer of Japan, the King of Portugal, George V and George VI.

Although specialising in wine, Hedges & Butler began to produce its own blended Scotch whiskies before the Second World War, with these being aimed very much at the top end of the market. The 1960s saw the company acquired by leading brewer The Bass Charrington Group, but since 1998 the brand name has been owned by Ian Macleod Distillers.

Grandi Cru d'Italia

The Committee of the Grandi Cru d’Italia was formed in 2005 to protect and develop the prestige of the wine-producing companies that, for at least 20 years, have been producing great wines, always at the top of international ratings.
In France the classification of the Grandi Cru was introduced by law in 1855. In Italy cru means that a wine is produced on the national territory and is obtained from Italian or international grapes and that it won the highest recognitions given by the most authoritative publications and guides.
The members have been therefore selected using strict qualitative criteria, keeping in mind their history and tradition in the wine sector, with the purpose of guaranteeing that in time they have a great degree of reliability in producing high-level wines.
The list includes the most prestigious Italian wine companies, which represent the highest expression of both the cultural and qualitative values of the territories of wine-production. Some of them are smaller producers, whose wines have though reached the highest standards of quality, a characteristic of Italian wine production. There are 35 Founding members and 54 Ordinary members

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