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Italian Spirits and Liqueurs

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Sibona’s grappas reach high quality levels thanks to accurate distillation, constant updating and improvement of the equipment, the experience of two expert oenologists and a long ageing period in barrels, which renders the grappas not only soft and pleasant but also more complex and aromatised.

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Il RedeiRe was born in 2012 in Tuscany, despite being a young reality, it stands out immediately for the particularity, the high quality and the care for the packaging of its range of products. They only use the highest quality materials that are rigorously selected.

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Donkey Head was born from an Irish recipe rediscovered and reinterpreted with Langa herbs. Its intense aroma and undergrowth notes envelops you with its fragrance in a feeling of ancient modernity. Donkey Head is the liqueur that stimulates the best creativity of the barmen and satisfies the sense of intimacy of every good gourmet.


Since 1847, they have been distilling ‘marcs’, this is what remains after the grapes have been pressed for wine-making to create Grappa. The company received the Royal Coat of Arms with the title "Patent of the Royal House of Savoy", conferred by King Vittorio Emanuele III to Arturo Rossi, an honour to this day that few companies can boast.

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The plan is aimed to try, where it is possible, to produce directly in his land, in the full respect of the surrounding nature. Recently he has had his second Gin release, which is the result of the short botanical supply chain, although it is not fully from Piedmont yet. The first line consists of three variants: Gadan, Blagheur, Evra

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According to an old legend, Benevento is the place where witches from all over the world meet. At any moment only two people know the original recipe that has been carefully handed down for generations from father to son. Strega is probably the oldest Italian liqueur to be known world-wide.

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The Mirto liquor is an authentic ‘glory’ of Sardinian gastronomy and Silvio Carta s.r.l. dedicates particular attention to the typical products of the island’s liquor tradition, which include the use of aromatic plants belonging to the local wildlife and preparations that meticulously follow the homemade recipes of the past.

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