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Red Grape Vines


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Cirò, a small Calabrian town on the Ionian coast of Crotone, includes a wide territory stretching from
the shores of the Ionian Sea up to the first ridges of it’s beautiful hills, where it’s autochthonous species of vines contributing
to the production of the renowned wine Cirò D.O.C are situated.

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The estate spreads over an area of over 800 hectares. The vineyards are sun exposed East to West and located at an altitude
between 220 and 250 meters above the sea level. The vines are all trained with the Guyot system and enjoy a soil which is
made of sandy-loam on marl limestone, with a loose consistency.

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The history of wine, in Serragiumenta, begins in 2004, when it began to cultivate native
vineyards. After years of studies, trials in barriques and in the cellar, the company manages to have a line of its own wines,
obtained with vines that reflect the variety of the territory, and tell it.

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The story of Cantine Giraldi and the Giraldi Winery began in 1622 when Domenico Giraldi bought a vast estate in the
rolling picturesque Crati hills near the city of Rende. However, it wasn’t until 386 years later, when his descendants’, twins
Alessandro and Pierfrancesco Giraldi took their passion for wine and viticulture and used the land that has remained in their
family to create the Cantine Giraldi & Giraldi Winery in 2008.

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