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Red Grape Vines


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Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is located in the heart of docg Campania Wines, Luogosano, Sant’Angelo all’Esca and Taurasi. The Estate grows 40 hectares of vineyards that lie on slopes of 350 to 500 mt. above sea level.
The vineyards’ soil is mainly clay like with calcareous and melt sandy layers. The hot summers, variable autumns, cold winters and good brings a slow ripening of Aglianico, thus leading to late harvests, usually between mid October and first half of November.

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The name is taken from what the locals call the male wild boar, u Verru. The farm was started back in the sixties, the winery, founded in 2003. It produces about 20,000 bottles from three grape varieties; Casavecchia, Pallagrello Bianco and Pallagrello Nero. The grapes are characterized by rich lava soils, facing south-south-east where there are significant temperature variations between day and night.


The Migliozzi farm has a long history in the production and distribution of fruit and products of
the earth but, it is only in 2004 that the Migliozzi brothers, driven by a common passion for good food and above all good,
wine, decided to start their own story in the world of viticulture, hence their chosen name for the winery, Viticoltori Migliozzi.

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