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Red Grape Vines

Emilia Romagna

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The winery was founded in 1976. The position on the historical hills of Matilde di Canossa in Emilia provides the winery with a unique terroir in which they can grow their vines where the local microclimate allows the sun to
burn off the winter fog and the cool greenery to moderate the summer heat.


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In 1988 in Val Luretta, near Piacenza, Felice Salamini started his winery. The environment displays a variety of microclimates and ancient local vine species. The cultivation of grapes are put under constant hydric stress, which forces the plant to reduce the amount of water that fills the grape, reducing the pulp and thickening the rind; this causes the grape to remain small , which enhances the taste and flavour of it’s fruit.


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The vineyards are located on the south-facing slope of a hill, with medium-textured clay soil and extraordinary climatic conditions (good day-night temperature swing and almost continuous ventilation).


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Mario Pezzi founded the company in 1950 and expanded the monumental cellars and the planted areas. He has earned awards and acknowledgements around the world and the Journal “Corriere Vinicolo” has counted him
among the ten patriarchs of Italian wine.


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The marine gryphons of the Merlotta logo come from a fresco found in the family home. They refer to the God Bacchus who protected grapes and the harvest. The Merlotta Family in 1962 thought it appropriate to align their brand with these mythological creatures.


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