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Friuli Venezia Giulia

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PIGHIN - Pighin winery was founded in 1963 when brothers Ercole, Luigi and Fernando Pighin, acquired a 500 acres estate in the D.O.C. Grave del Friuli area belonging to a local aristocratic family. Since then Pighin have produced exceptionally fine wines from two different areas: The Risano vineyard in the Grave del Friuli area and the Capriva vineyard in the Collio area.


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I FEUDI DI ROMANS - The small cellar Severino first built in the 50’s, developed year after year. Enzo Lorenzon took over the management of the land from his father, and shares the property and work with his sons, Davide and Nicola.


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TENUTE ARNACES - Over 25 hectares of dedicated vineyards used to make Pinot Grigio and Prosecco Doc wines. The plains of eastern Friuli,
below the mountains, are home to the Arnaces vineyards exposed to the cold east winds with medium texture alluvial soils.
Special emphasis is also given to the eco-sustainability in the vineyard, where grapes are grown with organic agriculture.


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EMILIO BULFON -The Emilio Bulfon winery is known in the region for having rediscovered, recovered and developed ancient indigenous grape varieties of the western Friuli area: Ucelut, Piculit Neri, Sciaglin, Forgiarin, Cividin, Cjanorie and Cordenossa. The Emilio Bulfon winery is located at the foothills of the province of Pordenone, surrounded by woods, hills and the banks of the river Tagliamento, one of the oldest rivers in Europe.


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CASTELLO DI RUBBIA - The estate lies in San Michele del Carso in the province of Gorizia. It has a vineyard with 13hectares and the historic castle which is being restored. It is surrounded by 170 hectares of woodland and 16 kilometres of trenches and underground tunnels from the First World War.


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TERRE DI GER - The Spinazzè family started building their winery at the end of the eighties. Today it spans 70 hectares of vineyards located
in the DOC Friuli Grave area located in the villages of Frattina, Chions, Pasiano, near the rivers Lemene and Livenza, in a narrow wedge of territory at the border between the Veneto and Friuli regions.


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GIOVANNI DRI IL RONCAT - Est. 1968 - This wine is really the product of one man's life's work. Giovanni Dri saw the potential of Ramandolo as a wine region 40 years ago and set about unmasking it’s potential.
To turn his dreams into reality. Giovanni transformed the small, inherited tract of land into a steep hillside vineyard, in northeastern
Friuli, the last reach of winemaking in northern Italy.


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