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Red Grape Vines


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Ancient Rome brought vines across the Alps. The transalpine has treasured it and brought it back to us.
We have the task of enhancing it and we did it in the wines of Vinea Domini, a Sip DiVino of nectar of the Gods.
The territory of the Castelli Romani is an area formed by the collapse of the Laziale Volcano hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the soils are composed of erupted material.

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SanVitis was created from a love for wine by three friends and the expertise of an experienced winegrower
and engineer. The first harvest was in 2015 and focused on the traditional, native grape varieties of Lazio such as Bellone,
Trebbiano, Malvasia and Cesanese, that represent the oenological history of their region.

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Where ancient history meets modern trends, that is Fontana Candida, a byword for the most authentic expression of winemaking tradition in Lazio. Age-old elegance combines with energy, poetry and vitality. Some of
the world’s most famous and popular wines, most famously Frascati, hail from this area of endless culture and leisure.

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