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LANTIERI - The area includes 19 districts in the province of Brescia. It was probably given this name in the Middle Ages and refers to the "francae curtes", a tax-free haven for the Benedictine Cluniac monks. Lantieri de Paratico is the name of an old and historical Italian family whose origins are dated more than one thousand years ago.


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TENUTA MAZZOLINO - The Mazzolino Estate’s wines delight the palates of esteemed experts and enthusiasts.
The Braggiotti family has farmed this land since 1980 and have a deep passion for their ‘terroir’ and all that is produced from it.
The Mazzolino Estate stretches through the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese DOC region, on the right bank of the river Po, in the
hilly area near the Apennines.


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CASCINA GNOCCO - Cascina Gnocco was founded in 1923, by Carlo Cuneo, great-grandfather of current owner Domenico Cuneo. He purchased some vineyards and an ancient farmhouse in the Gnocco località, near Mornico Losana.
their winery took it’s name from that location.

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