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px306x226_0079_LOGO beni di batasiolo.jpg

BENI DI BATASIOLO - Owned by the Dogliani family, Beni di Batasiolo is one of the largest privately owned wineries located
in the prestigious Langhe-Barolo region of Piedmont. It owns 9 of the best vineyards within the region which cover an area of
over 140 hectares of vines, 100 of which are planted with the Nebbiolo variety used to make Barolo.


px306x226_0085_LOGO ADA NADA.jpg

ADA NADA - Their objective is to make each vintage better than the last one, by combining traditional methods passed down the generations with the latest expert knowledge.In the winery located within the 18th-century farmhouse, several 3,000-litre oak tonneaux used for maturing Barbaresco and some barriques mainly used for ageing Barbera Superiore and Langhe Rosso are kept for this purpose.


px306x226_0055_LOGO COPPO.jpg

COPPO - Coppo’s history is one of tradition and courageous vision for the future, of sacrifice and innovation. It is a story of the unconditional love that Coppo has for their vines’ origins, for varieties that have always been cultivated in Piedmont, and for
old family traditions.


px306x226_0076_LOGO BOTTAZZI.jpg

BOTTAZZI - Monterosso is an estate covering approximately 150 hectares which dominates the final slopes of the Ligurian Piedmont
Appenines. The land, situated in the “Doc” hills of Tortona, at an average of 350m above sea level, enjoys an optimal
position shielded on the north side by a rocky point called “Rocca di Monterosso”, and on the south side by the very same


A LOGO IL CHIOSSO_edited.jpg

IL CHIOSSO - (Alto Piemonte Left Bank) - Il Chiosso was founded in 2007 by Marco Arlunno - a Ghemme winemaker - and Carlo Cambieri, vineyards owner and supervisor.The project was born by the fusion of the skills in winemaking of Marco, who has got a Master's degree in oenology, and
the passion of Carlo, who has got an engineering Master's degree, and was always fascinated by the world of winemaking.


px306x226_0115_LOGO ROVELLOTTI.jpg

ROVELLOTTI - (Alto Piemonte Right Bank) - Also called the Novarese midlands. The gentle hills separating the plains
cultivated with wheat, corn and rice fields from the Alpine range create a charming landscape. The Po Valley, guarded by
Monte Rosa, slowly but tirelessly shaped by the work of countless generations of farmers, gradually gives way to morainic,
and volcanic formations.


px306x226_0072_LOGO Cantine garrone.jpg

CANTINE GARRONE - (Alto Piemonte Right Bank) - They collect the best grapes harvested by around 60 growers, all small producers who belong to the Associazione Produttori Agricoli Ossolani (Farmers’ Association of Ossola).
Their greatest pride and joy is the Prünent grape, a nebbiolo that is traditional to Ossola. Most vines are ancient and some
date back over one hundred years, ungrafted.


px306x226_0020_LOGO LUZZATTO.jpg

LUZZATTO - Luzzatto is a wine project born of the collaboration between Batasiolo, a historic winery in northern Italy, and Rabbi J. Belinow from Milan. Their goal was to produce and bottle a quality kosher product in one of the best wine regions in the world.


px306x226_0011_LOGO PICO MACCARIO.jpg

PICO MACCARIO - The Pico Maccario Winery was founded in 1997 in Mombaruzzo (Piedmont), on a property of 85 hectares of vineyards in an area of the Barbera d’Asti DOCG appellation. From the beginning, brothers Pico and Vitaliano
Maccario have chosen modern methods to manage their vineyards and produce wine to their personal taste and young age
of their winery.


px306x226_0035_LOGO HIC ET NUNC.jpg

HIC ET NUNC - Monferrato became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, and which is proudly revealing its authentic beauty to the world. For a long time wine has been the source of a sustenance which is so precious to the point of being kept in the typical hand carved underground cellars, the so called infernòt, together with the secrets of this art that have been passed down through the generations.



VALDIBA' - Valdibà is based in Cuneo producing with passion and dedication, grapes and wines from organic and biodynamic farming. Società Agricola Valdibà was founded in 2006 by the union of the two partners, Vincenzo and Livio Pecchenino, who developed their passion to make it a successful business, taking care of the production of organic wines Cuneo and creating a capacious and welcoming cellar that keeps only labels first quality.



BONIPERTI VIGNAIOLI - (Alto Piemonte Right Bank) - Sun.. The sun that warms their vineyards is the reflection of the
environment they want to keep healthy, through a viticulture as environment-friendly as possible.
Land.. Their vineyards rise on the land first cultivated almost a century ago by grandfather "Barton", who taught them to
love the territory and the quality of life that today identifies their family and makes their company stand out from the crowd.



VIGNETI VALLE RONCATI - (Alto Piemonte Right Bank) - In 1997, corrado and his wife Cecilia founded the Valle Roncati
agricultural company out of pure passion and the desire to revive the ancient grape-growing tradition of the Fassa family,
thus following in the footsteps of his grandfather Giuseppe Fassa, a winegrower in Briona since the beginning of the twentieth


px306x226_0006_LOGO Poderi Gianni Gagliardo.jpg

PODERI GIANNI GAGLIARDO - All the wines of Poderi Gianni Gagliardo are produced by native grape varieties and reflect the character of the territory. The
vineyards are distributed between the Langa and the Roero, and include some of the best MeGa (cru) in the Barolo area such
Lazzarito, Castelletto, Monvigliero, Mosconi, and Fossati while the cellar is located in the commune of La Morra.


px306x226_0102_LOGO TENUTA GARETTO.jpg

TENUTA GARETTO - Tenuta Garetto is located in the heart of Monferrato Astigiano, a sweet, sunny and energetic land. The municipality of Agliano Terme in particular has always been descrbed as "the village of Barbera". It is part of the newborn Nizza docg and is characterized by sandy marls that give strong and attractive wines, with unusual longevity.


px306x226_0070_LOGO CANTINE SANT`AGATA.jpg

CANTINE SANT'AGATA -  Today the brothers Claudio and Franco are the current owners of the company.
A production range which brings together the main indigenous grape varieties of the area, some very well-known and popular, such as Nebbiolo, Grignolino and Barbera, others more specific and refined, like the Ruche'.


px306x226_0017_LOGO MASSIMO CLERICO.jpg

MASSIMO CLERICO - (Alto Piemonte Left Bank) - Family of winemakers since 1700, they only cultivate their vines and vinify only their grapes.
The company of his father Sandrino was one of the three that are initially registered in the relative register Lessona DOC. Still
today it keeps the serial number n. 1 at the Biella Chamber of Commerce.


px306x226_0002_LOGO ROCCIA ROSSA.jpg

ROCCIA ROSSA - (Alto Piemonte Left Bank) - A wine characterized by its deep red colour, developing over time a hint
of orange; intense aromas, with notes of violet and raspberry; dry and clean on the palate, mellow with a slightly bitter
aftertaste, as is typical of great wines.
The actual production of Bramaterra is limited to 30-40 cwt per hectare, because the terrain consists 80% of rock.


px306x226_0066_LOGO CASCINA MONTALBANO.jpg

CASCINA MONTALBANO - (Alto Piemonte Right Bank) - Cascina Montalbano is located at 430 meters above sea level and enjoys a southwest exposure in the municipality of Boca, in Piedmont, between Valsesia, Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. They produce Boca DOC, one of the most peculiar expressions of Nebbiolo of Alto Piemonte, in the territory of Novara hills.


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