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The family operation began in 1971 when textiles entrepreneur Arnaldo Caprai purchased 12.5 acres in
Montefalco. In 1988, management passed on to Arnaldo’s son, Marco, who launched a project to cultivate the promotion of
the native grape of Montefalco, Sagrantino.


These vineyards, positioned on the slopes of the Martani Mountains are home to vines of Trebbiano
Spoletino, Grechetto, Sauvignon, Sagrantino, Merlot and Sangiovese. They thrive in the area’s distinct microclimate,
producing clusters of grapes rich in sugars and polyphenols, each with their own characters.

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Their modern wine cellar was designed, built and equipped for precision vinification. Despite the use of the best technology it
is still regarded as a secondary support to the prime importance of decades of knowledge, experience, respect of their terroir
and the enhancement of the distinct peculiarities of each grape variety.

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It consists of 15 hectares of land, of which about 6.5 hectares of vineyards, between Narni and Otricoli, in the province of
Terni, between 250 and 300 m above sea level. The property, purchased in 2008, was in very different conditions from the
current ones: a large shed for cattle breeding, a recent poorly stable building surrounded by clayey soil and almost completely
devoid of vegetation. Long and consistent works have profoundly transformed the image and mission of those places.

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The Bigi winery began life in a former Franciscan monastery, the ancient La Trinità in Orvieto, which had been confiscated by the Italian government in 1870. To improve production methods, in 1972 Bigi moved to the modern cellars in Ponte Giulio, a district not far from old Orvieto. The winery’s own 136 hectares under vine are located in the “classic” area, the oldest DOC Orvieto district, with 70% given over to white berries, and located on hilly terrain of altitudes between 150 and 450 metres, basically all clay.

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