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FOSS MARAI - This is a far-sighted and ambitious winery, founded in 1984 by Luigi Biasiotto, which has decided to focus strongly on quality and elegance. In this way, Foss Marai takes it’s name from a valley in the area of Guia di Valdobbiadene, where the headquarters of the winery is, in a beautiful hillside covered with vineyards of Prosecco.


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CANOSO - Since 1876 the authentic interpreter of the Soave’s volcanic soul.
Sixty years ago The Canoso’s vineyards become the Canoso company, with the construction of a modern wine cellar.
Sustainable viticulture processes were developed, based on the grapes’ quality, respect of the territory and it’s natural
diversity, as well as a low yield per hectare strategy.


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SANTA SOFIA - In 1967, Giancarlo Begnoni bought from countess Rizzardi the historical winery Santa Sofia, in Pedemonte.
Being a winemaker who paid great attention to the quality of wines, as well as being dedicated and farsighted, he began the
innovation process that he himself called “strategy of excellence”.


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LE MANZANE - 80 km from Venice to the Dolomites, lie charming Venetian cities, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Here Le Manzane, established in 1984, produces it’s own wines in San Pietro di Feletto territory. The fertile land here is the result of the Würm glaciation period of the last Ice Age. 


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GIUSTI WINE - This journey started with the purchase of a two-hectare property where Giusti Wine was to be established. It was in fact developed from the original Dal Col vineyard owned by Ermenegildo Giusti’s wife’s family, which dated back to 1945.  Giusti Wine developed very rapidly. The first vineyard was planted in 2002, today it includes an area of approximative 75 hectares  producing white and red wines.


px306x226_0112_LOGO SANTI.jpg

SANTI - The Santi winery is located a few steps from the centre of Illasi, a historic village surrounded by vineyards, famous
for its villas and its mediaeval castle.
The winery was completely renovated in 2016 to adapt to the winemaking philosophy defined by oenologist Cristian Ridolfi.


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ORNELLA BELLIA - Ornella Bellia has a love for wine that spans three generations since 1951, in the heart of the “Lison Pramaggiore” area. For over 50 years they trained vines of Guyot and Sylvoz have grown in a terrain of mainly clay and sediment from nearby rivers Livenza and Tagliamento. Such terrain holds water well and contains many minerals.


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CORTE FIGARETTO - Corte Figaretto’s family-run farm is in the heart of Valpantena, a valley situated just north of Verona. In this southerly exposed valley lie it’s vineyards, planted to Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Cabernet and Merlot. The essentially Mediterranean climate, characterized by contained rainfall, is further tempered in the summer months by
the evening breezes originating from the Lessino mountains.


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FIRMINO MIOTTI - The vineyards are mostly located on the beautiful Santa Lucia hill above the town of Breganze. The soil and the southern exposure give the vines constant sunbeams and ventilation. This provides a particularly favourable microclimate. The high
quality of the grapes is guaranteed by the attention and care given by Firmino in growing the vineyards and by a selected
and limited production.


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